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                      Covid-19 Update

                      At READE, we are working hard to maintain our service to our customers while prioritizing the health of our employees during this complex time.?

                      We are writing today to update you on the steps Reade Advanced Materials (READE) is taking to deal with the challenges associated with the novel coronavirus. First and foremost, our primary goal is to protect the safety of our team and all of you who we interact with on a regular basis.  As such, we continue to closely monitor the constantly evolving situation involving COVID-19 and the increase, both domestically and abroad, of diagnosed cases.

                      As a critical raw materials supplier, we will continue to operate in the midst of this global event to make every effort to supply our quality inorganic specialty chemicals to our customers.

                      Our facilities will remain open, with the following modifications to our company policies, in accordance with the advice of the CDC and WHO as well as state and federal governments:

                      1. The headquarters continues to be fully functional with a limited number of employees (<7) and instructed to reduce density and encourage physical and social distancing.  Each employee has their own office available to them and has increased their sanitizing procedures for workstations and common areas following best practices from the CDC and WHO organizations.
                      2. Work-related travel, industry events and trade show attendance has currently been suspended, until further notice, to limit non-essential travel.
                      3. We are urging READE teammates to seriously consider the risks when making their own decisions regarding traveling for vacation or other personal reasons.
                      4. In order to reduce office space density, much of our sales and customer services staff will be working virtually.  There will be limited staff answering the phones on-site and we encourage the use of email and contact us form for support when possible.
                      5. Virtual meetings will be utilized to conduct internal and external meetings.
                      6. Each Account Manager will communicate with all plants, consider daily shipments, keep a log of events to identify potential issues and be proactive in finding resolutions.

                      Planned Deliveries

                      If you have shipments or deliveries scheduled over the next few weeks your Account Manager will be contacting you to reconfirm the lead times and delivery dates. If your facility happens to have any closures, please notify us so we can arrange to postpone the shipment.  

                      As the current status is rapidly changing, we will make every effort to notify our customers if the current situation prevents us from continuing or modifying our current operation plan. 

                      We remain committed to our customers and the core values of our vision. We will continue to work tirelessly for our customers while honoring quality and customer centricity.

                      Please continue to source your products and interact with READE Account Managers. We are here to help you get your job done.

                      We hope all of you and your families remain safe.


                      Director of Marketing
                      Elisabeth Law, +1-401-433-7000
                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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