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                      About Us

                      • Our Vision

                        To be one of the country's leading distributors of specialty chemical solids, working tirelessly for our customers, employees and vendors while honoring the Reade family legacy of quality and customer centricity.

                      • Our Mission

                        As an ISO certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we partner with manufacturers to source raw inorganic specialty chemical solids of the highest quality that meet all specifications, are competitively priced and delivered on-time. We provide exceptional customer service and supply chain solutions to support increased productivity for our valued business partners.

                      • Our Strategy

                        To be the first choice ISO 9001:2000 QMS global supplier of specialty chemical solids for customers in a wide range of major industries

                        To implement Six Sigma focused speed, simplicity and sincerity in each customer transaction

                        To improve the quality and added value of our products and services through continuous and cost-effective innovation

                        To conduct our business ethically and legally at all times and to be a responsible neighbor in the communities in which we operate

                        To recruit top-quality employees and with their participation in group decision making, create an organization that motivates and encourages them to realize their potential while rewarding them competitively

                        To delegate authority and responsibility as far as possible in order to create a lean, participative, and entrepreneurial organization that is highly responsive to the market

                        To earn profits that will ensure regular growth of dividends and stock value and provide the cash flow needed to implement our business strategies.

                      • Company History

                        The Reade family industrial businesses were originally established in Wolverhampton, England as Reade Brothers Co., Ltd. way back in 1773. They manufactured pharmaceutical chemicals.

                        At the Exposition Universelle de 1878 in Paris, France our family industrial business, Reade Brothers Co., Ltd., received an Honorable Mention Award on 21 OCT 1878 for creative chemistry in judged category Class 47 of Group V.

                        In 1881 Ms. Elizabeth Reade, a successful industrial chemist, and her husband completely relocated the family specialty chemical manufacturing business unit to Reade Street in New York City and renamed it Reade Manufacturing Co., Inc. (RMC).

                        Another element of the impressive Reade industrial family business settled in Readestown, Pennsylvania in the mid-1870's. Within their foundry they invented and worked to commercialize many futuristic steam and electricity inventions in the transportation industry.

                        In 1905, RMC started size reducing nonferrous metals to manufacture a conductive paste product. This was the beginning of our proud and successful history in the inorganic particle business.

                        In 1941 the RMC Metal Powder Division was opened in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The mission was to manufacture railcar and truckload lots of non ferrous metal powders for various government and industrial markets in the Americas.

                        During the Second World War, the RMC Metal Powder Division received two U.S. Army/ U.S. Navy "E" Awards for production excellence on 5 January 1945.

                        In 1983, Mr. Charles Reade, Sr., the sole owner of RMC at that time, sold 100% ownership interest in the Metal Powder Division of RMC to a large USA customer doing business in the metallurgical sector. RMC was later sold to a division of Magnesium Elektron, which is headquartered in England.

                        Reade Advanced Materials was established in 1983 by Mr. Charles Reade, Jr. as a new READE? business unit. It continues the historical Chemical Division of the family business as a manufacturer, value add custom & toll processor / packager, and global "factory packed" distributor of higher technology specialty chemical solids (metal, alloy, mineral, ceramic, composite, polymer, enzyme, nanomaterial, and other custom compositions).

                        On 1 May 1995 READE? established a multi-lingual and award winning SuperSite at http://www.www.stygs.cn, which is filled with useful information. As of 01 January 2010, the READE SuperSite had over 20,000 pages in it and has a disaster recovery mirror site located at http://www.reade.net.

                        On 10 August 1999, READE? was the recipient of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) "Commitment to Excellence Award".

                        In March of 2003, Reade International Ltd., S. A. opened for business a 100% Spanish speaking sales and distribution facility adjacent to the Panama Canal in the República de Panamá to service the Latin America market along with other Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speaking markets in Southern Europe. Ms. Ana Barrios is the administrative manager there.

                        En Marzo del 2003, Reade International Ltd., S.A. inició operaciones 100% en idioma espa?ol de ventas y distribución en su oficina adyacente al Canal de Panamá, Rep. de Panamá para atender el mercado Latino Americano en conjunto con otros mercados de habla Hispana, Portugesa  e Italiana en el Sudeste Europeo.

                        In May 2003, READE? commenced the publication of a FREE monthly Specialty Chemicals e-Zine in Spanish, Portuguese and English. It presents selected / published technical information related to new specialty chemicals that were recently developed in national, academic, or commercial laboratories and were just introduced to the commercial market. As of 1 JAN 05 there were over 30,000 subscribers.

                        On 18 November 2004, the employees of READE? received the Award of Excellence for Community Outreach from General Gordon Sullivan, the President of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA). A volunteer military chaplain from READE? provides on call pastoral care services to US Army Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve and Inactive Reserve soldiers in New England.

                        In May 2005, the senior management team of READE? commenced Six Sigma Champion training. As Champions they act as change agents by selecting and defining projects, mentoring Black Belts, and ensuring that Six Sigma remains aligned with the READE? corporate strategic goals.  

                        In September of 2005, the READE? Latin America Sales Office, located next to the Panama Canal in the Republic of Panama, conducted the first READE? trade mission to the industrial and R&D centers of Sao Paulo and Campinas in Brazil. Teaming with the RIEDC and the US Department of Commerce, the mission's goals were to gain first-hand market information and to meet one-on-one with higher tech Brazilian companies who have previously purchased from READE? LatAm or since the year 2002 have indicated interest in doing business with READE? LatAm.

                        On 17 April 2005, the U. S. Small Business Administration presented to READE? the prestigious "2005 Exporter of the Year Award for corporations located within the State of Rhode Island. READE? was nominated for the award by the Bank of America.

                        On 10 June 2009, the U. S. Small Business Administration presented to READE? the prestigious "2009 Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year Award" for all small businesses located within the New England Region. READE? was nominated for the award by the Rhode Island District Office of the U. S. Small Business Administration.

                        The Reade Metals & Minerals Corp. legal name was formally changed to Reade International Corp. effective 01 January 2010.

                        On 30 October 2010, Ms. Emily Reade was formally promoted to the office of President of Reade International Corp. T/A Reade Advanced Materials.

                        In May 2011, Reade Advanced Materials was voted in as a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). The NACD, established in 1971, is an international association of chemical distributors and their supply-chain partners. Striving for "Responsible Distribution", member companies process, formulate, blend, re-package, warehouse, transport, and market these chemical products for over 750,000 customers.

                        In September 2011, Ms. Elisabeth R. Law commenced employment with the Western Regional (USA) Sales Office of Reade International Corp. T/A Reade Advanced Materials. Following Elisabeth's hire, Ms. Amanda R. Sturgeon joined the business as Controller in September 2015 to join her sister as the fifth generation of the Reade family to be employed at READE?.

                        In April 2018, READE announced their recent International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification.

                      • Community Involvement

                        Community relations at READE® runs a thoughtful program of public involvement that focuses company resources in areas where READE® can have a meaningful impact on the community in which it is involved. This policy goes back many generations.

                        For example, READE® is a US Small Business Administration selected Mentor Partner for higher technology minority businesses in America. We share our successful business expertise to resolve specific issues and improve the competitiveness of the minority business. Recently we assisted an established corporation to expand their exports.

                      • Environment Health & Safety

                        At READE® we recognize the global nature of environmental, health and safety issues, and our responsibilities to customers, employees and local communities. Within our Responsible Care page you can review the READE® pledge in this area.

                        It goes without saying that today's companies should take environmental protection needs and the health and safety of employees into consideration in the performance of their business operations. READE® has long been conscious of this responsibility. Decisions on all levels of the company - be it business management, sales or logistics - make a "Best Efforts" attempt to take a full account of the requirements of health, chemical safety and environmental protection.

                        READE® is participating in the U. S. Homeland Security Customs- Trade Partnership Against Terrorism "C-TPAT" validation program for exports and imports.

                        READE® was formally inspected on-site under the authority of Section 11 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) on 5 May 2009 by two environmental engineer representatives of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, DC. READE® passed the onsite EPA inspection with favorable exit briefing oral comments from the lead inspector toward our conduct of business.

                        READE® was formally visited on-site and counselled by the Security and Hazardous Materials Division of the U. S. Department of Transportation (FAA) on 4 August 2011 under the authority of CFR Title 49: Section 172.704 to ensure READE was in compliance with the required employee training requirements toward our conduct of business.


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